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1. Head over to and select your country of residence (Can't find your country?) with the preferred language (As shown in image above).

2. Key in the following information:

- Your Sponsor's Herbalife ID Number is: MY422834

- First 3 Letters of Sponsor's Last Name is: CHI

3. Select 'No' for the International Business Pack (IBP) field ( Can't find it for your country? )

4. After pressing next, do the following:

- Fill in personal information 

- Key in a PIN code which you can easily remember

- Agree to terms and conditions

5. Choose to purchase an International Business Pack (IBP) as illustrated below:

Note: Contents of the IBP varies for different countries

- The IBP not just contains all the information and forms that you require to get started, it will also help you move up the discount rates from 25% to 35%, 42% and finally 50% ever quicker as I guide you through in the future.

Open the the application website if you haven't


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